Tristar is a fully integrated Liquid Logistics Solutions provider catering to the needs of the petroleum and chemical industries, both in the region and globally. Headquartered in the UAE and operating in 20 countries, Tristar’s core expertise lies in handling hydrocarbons, lubricants, chemicals and liquid gases with dedicated facilities to manage road transport, warehousing, fuel farms, turnkey fuel supply operations, into plane fuel services, ship owning and chartering for clean petroleum products.

We are the partner of choice to a number of major multinational and regional oil companies. The company is focused on promoting a customer-centric business culture by delivering superior services with our dedicated Account Managers, thereby creating a transparent relationship with each customer.

We abide by the Golden Rules on our Core Values and Business Principles which are embedded into our corporate culture. Every aspect of the way we conduct our business – from our interactions with external stakeholders to our working relationship with colleagues – is shaped by these guiding principles.

People are our greatest asset. Our aim is to create a workplace where people are happy and are able to reach their full potential. Our employees are highly committed & involved in the development of the organization as well as contribute with their suggestions towards continuous improvement. Health, Safety and Environment is on the top of our radar and we ensure that we maintain the highest standards.

Tristar manages its operations and processes through the utilization of a world-class management system that holds SQAS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001:2018 certifications, as well as holding ISO 39001 certification for our Road Safety Management System. We believe that by following industry best practices, we bring value both to our customers and stakeholders.

In recognition of our operational excellence, safety efforts and corporate social responsibility, Tristar has been awarded many global and national awards and accolades. Amongst these are the Dubai Quality Appreciation Award, the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award, the RoSPA Management of Occupational Road Risk Trophy, winner of the IOSH Campaign of the Year, being awarded Shell ‘Professional Haulier’ Status in the Middle East and South Asia, Supply Chain and Transport Award in CSR, and Arabia CSR Awards under Partnership Project Category.

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Tristar Portfolio of Services

Road Transport

Surface Transport

With a fleet of more than 1500 vehicles, road transport of petroleum products is a key vertical for the company. International best practices in vehicle and driver management ensure that a consistent level of safe and high quality service is provided. Read More


Specialized Warehousing

Tristar’s warehousing facilities are designed, built and operated to international safety standards and operated using Exceed WMS and enhanced RFID technology for product receipts, dispatches and for inventory management. Read More

Ship Chartering

Ship Owning and Chartering

The shipping business acquired Eships in early 2016 and now owns and operates 26 chemical, oil and gas tankers globally mostly with Oil Majors. Tristar has six new Eco MR tankers (50,000 DWT) which are fitted with additional fuel saving equipment. Read More

Commercial Aviation Services

Aviation Fuel Supply

Tristar has expanded into the commercial aviation sector by offering into plane services to a wide number of International Airlines including Flydubai, Ethiopian Airlines and other members of Africa Airlines Association, in addition to domestic and private air charter companies. Read More

Fuel Farm Management

Fuel Farm Management

Tristar operates 71 fuel farms globally with a total storage capacity of 700 million liters for handling a wide range of petroleum products like Jet Fuel, Gasoline, Gasoil, Fuel Oil, etc. Tristar owns and operates one of the largest fuel storage facilities in the Pacific. 
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Turnkey Fuel Supply Operations

Turnkey Fuel Supply

Tristar’s Turnkey fuel business offers end-to-end fuel supplies and services solution to various International organizations operating worldwide. Turnkey fuel business is supported by efficient project execution capabilities and robust supply chain arrangements. Read More


Our Global Presence


My Reason for Safety… My Family!

As a major logistics company we are fully aware of the potential road dangers. We are proud of our safety record and as a responsible part of the wider community, we feel that others can benefit from our experience.   Tristar has a strong system in place for managing occupational road risk, with clear leadership and commitment from the company’s senior management. We are committed to sharing our expertise and resources to help improve road safety outside Tristar.

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Engaging with Communities for a Better World

At Tristar the approach to sustainability is to build on safety in operations, protect the environment and support the economic vitality of the community in areas where the company operates. Community development is the key vertical in the company’s long term business plan for Corporate Social Responsibility. Tristar believes that its long term business success will greatly depend on the company’s ability to implement socially and environmentally responsible ways to handle and to deliver energy to end users. We strive to create and foster good relationships with communities by providing jobs, basic amenities and development opportunities as well as building trust.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our social activities encourage us to behave responsibly while improving the quality of life of our workforce, contractors and society at large. Our commitment towards community development is demonstrated by the scope of our community development initiatives within the Middle East, Asia and Africa, and the actual expenditure against budget. From 2013 this has been fixed at 0.5% of net profit. We have the intention to invest more on community development if there are any such opportunities which require our immediate attention.

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