Giving back to our community is embedded in our social fabric. This habit was born with the establishment of our business, including the vision to conduct our business responsibly and with integrity. Subsequently, our business plan has consistently been developed to account for contributions under our pillars of social, economic and environmental sustainability. As a result, our global CSR activities have encouraged our employees to participate, to donate their time and to work together as a team through initiatives in the areas of education, humanitarian assistance and environmental conservation.

We are looking to strengthen our engagement with local communities across all countries of operations. In Africa, we are looking to support social business investment in order to address social problems often faced by local communities. A socially aware business is one that strives to solve social or environmental problems through implementation of a financially sustainable business model.

Certain geographical areas where we operate, such as South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), face unstable political situations and extremely high levels of poverty. As part of our business approach, we strive to engage with local communities and foster a relationship of trust and collaboration. This is demonstrated by several initiatives that enable us to achieve support from the local communities.

In the DRC, we donated a water tank to the Mother Teresa Center in Kinshasa. The tank was built on a 6-foot high platform, allowing for an efficient flow of 5,000 liters of water, which now serves as the water source for cleaning, washing and laundry for more than 100 people. Orphans, support staff and the elderly will also benefit from this initiative at the center.

In Haiti we supply Diesel, Jet Fuel, Gasoline, Lubricants and Kerosene to peace keeping international organization with a team of 105 local Haitians and 26 expatriates. We have marked our presence in areas such as Gonaives where we distributed backpacks and funded Christmas activities. We will also distribute waters bags in Kenscoff which is located in a remote area, approximately 10 kilometers away from Port Au Prince, at an altitude of 1,500 meters and with a population of around 52,000 living across the mountain without sufficient water resources. Over 100 families are required to walk four hours to collect water, regularly, without proper containers to carry the water back home. We plan to distribute a large number of water bags to each family in partnership with a non-governmental organization, OAPA and a team of Catholic Sisters, respectively, to help facilitate the task.

CSR Activities