Guam Moorhen birds habitat
Global Earth Hour in UAE and all countries
Global World Environment Day and tree planting in selected countries
Pakistan Collaboration with Motorway Police
Pakistan Ramadan Safety Campaign
Pakistan Sindh’s first Road Safety Institute & Driving school (contribution)
Guam Adopt A Bus Stop
Guam Half Marathon
Guam Adopt-A-School
Guam Coastal Clean-up
Guam Donations, sponsorships of private and govt
Guam Kusina Kamalen Karidat/Soup Kitchen
DRC Water Tanks donation to Mother Teresa Center
Haiti 425 Waterbags donation
Haiti Christmas donation to school activities
South Sudan Bore well donation
UAE Blood Donation
UAE Recycling of Paper Wastes
UAE RTA-RoSPA Partnership on Road Safety
UAE Donation to UNGC, Prince Albert, Arc Children’s Centre
UAE Clean up
UAE Christmas donation to 2 child patients
UAE Biggest Loser
Global UNGC Yearbook (Road Safety write-up)
UAE 2015 desk calendars (Women’s Forum)