Journey Management

Driver working hours

Driver Working Hours

Tristar monitors drivers’ working hours and driving hours on daily basis to ensure that violations are not happening from the set guidelines of drivers’ working hours. In case of any possible violations the same is brought to the attention of the customer representative and appropriate actions shall be initiated to prevent any future violations on drivers’ working hours.

Route Hazard Mapping

Route Hazard Mapping

Tristar carries out route hazard mapping of all authorized routes and the threats and control measures identified shall be recorded in a stipulated format along with site pictures. This will be further disseminated to all concerned drivers through toolbox sessions and copy of the report shall be given to them for their reference.

Tristar shall ensure that authorized routes are assessed periodically to incorporate any changes on road condition in the route assessment records.

Drivers are also encouraged to report any deviations or development of any unsafe conditions on the road due to constructions to the HSE Manager to initiate a re-assessment of the site and the records shall be updated accordingly.

On Board Computers

On Board Computers (GPS Monitoring)

Tristar has installed On Board Computers (OBC) to monitor and ensure that drivers are not violating set guidelines for safe driving, which includes drivers’ working hours, adhering to the speed limits, harsh barking, etc. OBC reports are reviewed on regular basis and appropriate action shall be taken on defaulters like counseling and other disciplinary actions.

Road Checks

Road Checks

Tristar conducts regular spot checks to ensure drivers comply with company’s HSE requirement which includes using only authorized routes, adhering to the speed limits, usage of seat belts, applying defensive driving skills, carrying unauthorized passengers, etc. Checks on vehicle conditions like functioning of all lights shall also be included in spot checks.

The HSE department owns the responsibility of conducting the road check and a program on weekly basis is prepared to carry out the same and results are recorded for future verification.