Vehicle Management



Tristar maintains a workshop that has adequate work area, storage area, lighting, tools, lifting equipment and safety equipment. The Workshop Manager ensures good housekeeping is maintained.


Preventive Maintenance

Tristar has formulated and documented a well-structured proactive maintenance management system to ensure that all the vehicles and equipment are periodically inspected and serviced.

The driver before beginning of each shift shall carry out daily inspection of the vehicle and the checklist is duly filled and signed by the driver on completion of inspection.


Vehicle Integrity and Standards

Tristar ensures that vehicle integrity and standards are maintained at all times, including fire extinguishers, reflective cones, batteries, isolation switch, tires, braking system, cabin interior, exhaust system, strangler, lights and wiring, PTO and pump, hoses and fittings, engine shield protection, tanker and couplings, and spill kits.

Procedures are in place to address any emergency vehicle breakdown.


Maintenance Staff

Tristar employs skilled and competent maintenance personnel for undertaking maintenance of the fleet. Detailed job descriptions are available for all positions. Ongoing trainings are carried out for the maintenance team to enhance competence where a new system, equipment or vehicle is introduced.

Rollover warning device

Rollover Warning Device

Truck rollover is perceived to be a major highway safety problem with serious consequences. Hazardous cargos have the potential to cause environmental or human disaster if they are spilled as a result of truck rollover. Keeping that in view Tristar installed a Rollover Warning Device (RWD) that can warn truck drivers of impending rollover in time for them to take corrective actions. The device comprises of receiver and sensor. The sensor is mounted on the trailer chassis while receiver is mounted in the cab with a LED (GREEN, YELLOW and RED) display and audible warning. At roundabout or turnings when the speed of vehicle is fast and any of the wheel starts leaving the ground contact then this RWD will timely warn the driver to slow down or stop.

Through data analysis of RWD device one can identify reckless drivers and then take adequate actions to improve their driving behavior. With the help of the RWD device Tristar has also identified hazardous spots (where risk of rollover is high) and updated its journey plans. Eventually, it is expected to result in safe driving, lower fuel consumption and less maintenance costs.

On board computer

On Board Computer

On Board Computer (OBC) is a combination of hardware and software to monitor the on road performance of drivers by the use of GPS tracking system. Tristar has installed OBCs in its fleet with a view to ensure security as well as to monitor and shape driving behavior. We have dedicated GPS base station and dedicated personnel at our offices whereby we can monitor movement of our vehicles round the clock. The use of OBC data has been of great help to improve the road performance of our drivers. The parameters which are of particular importance and being monitored through OBC results are speed, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, excess idle, driving hours, and compliance with journey plan.