Aviation Fuel Supply

Commercial Aviation Fuel Business

With a view to establishing its presence in the global aviation fuel market, Tristar has expanded its wings in the commercial aviation sector through a subsidiary. Today, Tristar offers into-plane refueling services to a wide range of aircraft belonging to a number of international airlines, including flydubai and other airlines in addition to catering to the refueling needs of various domestic airlines and private air charterers operating in African countries.

Tristar’s facilities for into plane refueling operations are equipped with the most modern and highly sophisticated equipment to refuel all types of aircraft and are designed to serve airline customers’ needs on 24×7 basis. Tristar has developed additional buffer storage capacity for aviation fuel at strategically located commercial airports in Africa. This, coupled with its robust Supply Chain Management system, is capable of meeting its airlines customers’ fuel requirement at all times, including emergency refueling requirements.

Tristar has Technical Services Agreement with Hansa Consult, the Internationally acclaimed Aviation consultancy firm based in Germany. Experienced and renowned personnel from Hansa Consult carry out regular JIG training and audit of Quality Control & Quality Assurance system as well as the operating and safety practices at Tristar’s aviation fuel stations to ensure compliance with International standards and practices, including those specified by JIG, AFQRJOS, etc.

Factors which differentiate Tristar’s Aviation Fuel services and operations from those of its competitors, include:

  • Well established Business continuity processes and fail-safe supply security plans.
  • QA / QC system conforming to the most stringent specification, continuously monitored at very senior management level.
  • Safety systems, procedures and practices meeting the international standards globally and exceeding the expectations of its customers.
  • Deployment of well-trained and highly experienced personnel hand-picked from reputed Oil majors worldwide.
  • Presence of large fleet of company-owned Bridgers and Refuellers dedicated to Aviation fuel service, with the latest and additional inbuilt safety and operational features.
  • In addition to in-house monitoring, annual inspections of fuel sites, equipment and facilities by competent and renowned JIG approved agencies.