The shipping business acquired Eships in early 2016 and now owns and operates 26 chemical, oil and gas tankers globally mostly with Oil Majors. Tristar has six new Eco MR tankers (50,000 DWT) which are fitted with additional fuel saving equipment such as Propeller Boss Cap Fins, New Profile Technology Propeller and Trim Optimization System. All Tristar vessels are maintained to the highest safety standards and undergo Ship Inspection Report Programme (SIRE). In early 2018, Eships re-entered the Dry Bulk market with the acquisition of a 2011 Kamsarmax vessel currently trading short-term TC’s. River transport operations support the company’s fuel operations in large parts of Africa using purpose built fuel barges to overcome navigational challenges in the inland waterways of Africa. Coastal vessels are operated to support the company’s bunkering operations in and around port limits in the GCC and Africa.

Marine services offered by Tristar

  • Ship owning and chartering
  • Offshore Bunkering services
  • Marine Supply services
  • Inland and Coastal shipping services
  • Project Management