Turnkey Fuel Supply Operation

Tristar’s Turnkey Fuel Business are supported by efficient project execution capabilities and robust supply chain arrangements which include well established importation capability and a fuel storage capacity of over 52 million liters and spread over 59 operating sites.

Tristar has the most efficient distribution system and dispensing facilities, which include company owned and operated large fleet of dedicated tank trucks and tailor-made marine and river transportation vessels. Tristar has built a reputation of delivering on its commitments at all times, despite the challenges of having to operate in harsh, hazardous and difficult terrains and extremely hostile environments.

The scope of the turnkey fuel supply operations and services also include constructing fuel storage facilities at far-flung and remote areas within a specified time limit, supplying fuel to aircraft and vehicles, and transporting the fuels through roads where terrains are normally impassable and not secure.

Tristar employs a competent and committed workforce for carrying out field operations even in war zones and for ensuring uninterrupted supplies and services despite extreme hostile situations.

These factors differentiate Tristar’s operations from other companies in the Turnkey Fuel Business:

  • Ability to construct field fuel installation even at remote sites and commence operations in the shortest period.
  • Experience and capability in importation, transportation, storage and distribution of ground fuels and Aviation fuels as per the needs of its clients.
  • Expertise and competency in supplying fuel to the clients’ equipment generators and vehicles, including into plane refueling operations catering to all types of aircrafts.
  • Ability to develop Rapid Deployment fuel stations even at remote sites in a very short notice.
  • QA / QC system conforming to the most stringent specifications which are continuously monitored at senior management level.
  • Safety systems, procedures and practices meeting the international standards globally and exceeding the expectations of its customers.
  • Deployment of well-trained and highly experienced personnel, hand-picked from reputed Oil majors worldwide.
  • Annual inspection of fuel sites, equipment and facilities by competent personnel from independent and renowned JIG approved external agencies.